According to global statistics, 48 cities and villages in the world have been registered as global cities or villages of handicrafts by World Craft Council (WCC),

of which 40 are in Asia-Pacific, 6 in Latin America and two in Europe.

With the registration of 11 cities and three global villages, with a total of 14 titles of global cities and villages of handicrafts, Iran is proud to be the first among the countries of the world.

World registered cities and villages of handicraft:

  1. Shiraz, the world city of handicrafts
  2. Malayer, the world city of furniture and inlays
  3. Isfahan, the world city of handicrafts
  4. Mashhad, the world city of gemstones
  5. Khorashad village, global village of Tubafi
  6. Ghasem Abad village, a global tent-weaving village
  7. Zanjan, the world city of tapestry
  8. Tabriz, the world city of carpets
  9. Kalpurgan village, global pottery village
  10. Laljin, the World City of Pottery
  11. Abadeh, the Inlaid World City
  12. Meybod, the world city of Zillow
  13. Marivan, the world city of Kalash
  14. Sirjan, the world city of kilim

Our Iran, with its rich and ancient history, has unique and beautiful handicrafts that every corner of Iran, according to its historical, geographical, climatic conditions, has its own special and unique products.

These valuable and exquisite arts and crafts have been passed down from generation to generation over the years.

Persis Handicrafts is a specialized and reputable center for collecting and offering these exquisite and beautiful handicrafts.

At Persis Handicarfts, our vision is to preserve, spread, and expand these unique products, not only to preserve the production of these handicrafts that have been passed down from generation to generation for years, but also to people around the world  get acquainted with this ancient  and permanent heritage  of  centuries.

Our goal in Persis  Handicrafts is to introduce and  supply these valuable  products to lovers all over the world.

In Iran, about 70 to 85% of handicrafts are produced by tasteful women artists, and the main reason is that their art, love and passion are derived from the rich culture and ethnic, regional culture and beautiful nature that caused Iranians go to handicrafts.

We want to pass on this enduring and ancient heritage to the future.

Both these beautiful and eye-catching arts and the prominent  value and  worthful dignity  of the work of handicraft artists to their lovers.

Persis  Handicrafts started its work in 2020, with great enthusiasm to introduce and sell Iranian cultural and artistic products, as a reliable and specialized reference.

We are in direct contact with the main manufacturers in different parts of Iran and we consider the best products to offer.

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