The art of Pyrography (burning on Leather)

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The art of  Pyrography (burning on Leather)

The art of burning  on leather has existed in Iran since Safavid times. At that time, this art was used on the cover of the Quran and exquisite manuscripts. During the extinction of the Safavid dynasty of the Qajar dynasty, this art was forgotten.

The name of burning  art has been considered for two reasons.

First, the use of burnt colors, ie opaque and baked colors in leather fuel art, unlike Iranian miniature art and painting, this is one of the main principles of leather fuel art.


The second is due to the creation of embossed patterns on the leather parts of Timaj, which can be  by two methods:

Knocking  or by molten tools.

Because books usually have several copies, except in exceptional cases, it is not possible to make  burning  leather-covered  with molten tools, as well as to create prolific works on it, and for this reason, most bookbinders make various embossed metal seals. The covers were prepared by  knocking  method.