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What is Chador shab?

Night tent is a colorful and usually checkered fabric made of cotton or silk that is woven in areas of the center (Yazd), north (North Khorasan, Gilan and Mazandaran) and south (Hormozgan, Iran).

Tent weaving is one of the traditional handicrafts of Iran.

Tent weaving is a genuine and traditional industry that has a very long history.

Reason for naming the night tent:

Because in ancient times it was mostly used at night for bedspreads, it was called night tent.


Night tent applications:

It was worn around the waist to prevent moisture from spreading to the body.


As a screw bed

Another type, called the Khataki design, is thicker and is used in the desert. Desert night tents were used in the past to transport fodder and agricultural products to the villagers and as bundles for packing.


For handbags and bedspreads

It is a kind of corridor and is known as a tablecloth

A type of  chador shab that was called chador kaj before the promotion of black chador among Iranian women and was worn by women in Yazd.

The plant design has also been used as a handkerchief for men in some areas of Yazd.

In ancient times, Zoroastrians living in Yazd used a kind of silk night tent as a headband to distinguish themselves from others.


Night tent texture In central Iran:

The night tent in Yazd and Ardakan (in the local dialect: Chadishu)

is usually woven with a checkered pattern and usually made of viscose cotton with starch.


The main producers of night tents are rural women who weave colorful night tents in bright and cheerful colors using colorful silk threads.

Because in ancient times it was used for bedspreads at night, it is called night tent. The night tent is usually woven in 2 by 2 meters with a red background and has lattice and square designs with geometric, plant and animal motifs.

The night tent is currently woven in the cities of Ramsar, Alasht, Lefour and a thousand acres of Behshahr.


The colors used are mostly orange, red, yellow and generally happy and vibrant colors.

Its motifs are mental and based on objects and animals, some of which include the lunar moon, the horse and the rider, the flower carpet, the mako flower, the chandelier, the salamander, the mountain goat, the chicken, the chicken and the lamb.


Types of night tents:

1- Checkered night tent

2- One color night tent, which is more valuable.

The night tent has a texture of both kilim and fabric. The pattern is exactly the same as that of a kilim, and is woven from cotton or silk fibers, which is done by women.

This quadrangular night tent is available from sewing pieces with a width of 31 cm and in general dimensions of 1.80 * 2 or 1.50 * 1.20.