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copper dishes

The food container is one of the most important items we need to eat and drink at home, but believe it or not, copper utensils have health benefits for the body.

Over the decades, people have been able to produce different types of dishes from different materials. There are some food containers that are really good for the health of the body and in contrast some substances contain toxic chemicals, mercury and other elements that are harmful to the body.

Containers are very important in making food tasty and delicious, and it is one of the most important and effective factors for success in cooking. Copper utensils have been used for cooking since ancient times. Today, the use of these dishes has become popular due to their many properties.

Benefits of copper cookware

Not only are copper pots and pans attractive in the kitchen, but copper is a great conductor and transmitter for heat and great for high-end cooking;

Chefs often use copper pots and pans to prepare sauces and foods that require strictly controlled temperatures.

The reason food tastes good and fits well in copper utensils is that the heat in copper utensils is stored and distributed more evenly than other metal utensils.

Cooking food in these dishes can reduce anemia; Because copper is an essential element in the process of hematopoiesis and anemia.

In the past decade, Iranians used copper pots for cooking food, especially stews and soups, and had an iron spatula called Hassum, which was placed inside it permanently during cooking to cure anemia.

One of the characteristics of copper metal is its high conductivity, which makes food cook in a copper dish much faster and different types of stews fit better in these dishes, as well as frying food in a copper dish makes them crispier.