What is pottery?

Pottery is the making of utensils with clay, made in this way is called pottery. The most famous pottery is the pottery jar and cup.

Before the advent of glass, pottery was the most common human item. The best soil in the pottery industry is clay, which is red due to the high amount of iron in it.

Pottery is one of the first human industries. Although its origin is not clear, it is known from the ancient findings of the ancient land of Sumer, and of course, the recent discovery of Jiroft civilization has raised doubts about this theory.

Kalpurgan Pottery

Kalpurgan Pottery

Pottery has a high position in the history of Iranian art, because the nature of pottery is not perishable and remains well over time.

This feature has made the range of developments in this art well recognizable. Developments of historical pottery have transferred their experiences to contemporary Iranian pottery and can now be seen in both traditional and modern pottery.

Traditional Iranian pottery continues to live in different regions as regional pottery, among which Kalpurgan offers a completely different type of pottery from other regions due to its ecological and cultural characteristics.