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اگر به خواهیم به طور کلی ویژگی های ظروف چوبی ایرانی را تیتر وار بیان کنیم به نمونه های زیر باید اشاره کردÈ
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What is  Kharati?

Working with wood has been very interesting and attractive for human beings for thousands of years;

For this reason, it is used in various branches such as civil works, home appliances, decorative items, etc.

The use of wood is not limited to carpentry, but it is also used in woodcarving, Moaragh, Khatam kari, Orosi-sazi or kharati.


Kharati  is one of the handicrafts of Iran that has been popular for a long time and has its own fans. This art is generally seen more in the regions and countries where wood is found.

The word kharati has Arabic roots and from the verb kharat means cutting and symmetry of wood or separation of wood bark. Some people consider carpentry to be the same as carpentry, but these two branches are completely different.


In the art of carpentry, the carpenter tries to create different volumes by putting different types of wood together, while in the art of carpentry, carpentry with wood cutting creates the desired volume. Examples of carpentry can be found in the cradle, lampshade base, table base, candlestick, wooden utensils, and so on.