Handmade leather

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handmade leather

Leather is a natural, durable and flexible material obtained from tanning the raw skin of animals, especially cows.

The tanning process transforms perishable skin into a stable, permanent and flexible natural material for a variety of applications. Leather in combination with wood formed the basis of ancient technology.


Numerous properties of leather, both in terms of application and in terms of beauty and durability, have led artisans and artists from the distant past to use it in the manufacture and supply of many people’s needs, whether goods that were the daily necessities of life and practical products or Items that had a decorative aspect and were used for beauty and decoration and enjoyment.


In the past, items such as coats, saddles and animal fittings, military equipment, war clothing, scrolls, shoes and knives, buckets, making designs, book covers, fuel and painting on leather, etc.


And today, all kinds of handbags and  shoulder bags – bags – suitcases – glasses and mobile phone covers – frames – chairs and sofas – all kinds of suits and raincoats – belts – vests – hats – gloves – service boxes and office tools and …

Leather handmades bags