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Wood inlaid working  art

Wood inlaid(Moaragh)  in the sense of the word basically says anything streaked, but its meaning in this type, especially art, is to create beautiful patterns and designs that are formed by teleporting and combining colored wood on a background of black wood or polyester.

There is another definition of wood inlaid working:

the art of assembling small pieces of colored wood with a predetermined design in order to create the desired role and make that design look beautiful using natural wood colors.


A  Moaragh is a work of art made of small pieces of wood, metal, fabric, tiles, etc.

They fit together beautifully and in different shapes.

Moaragh  is the creation of designs and patterns using small fragments on handicrafts.

Wood inlaid  is a work of fine arts that reached its peak in the Seljuk period.

Remains from the sixth century AH well show the delicacies of Seljuk moaragh.


In the eighth century AH, the most extraordinary moaragh can be seen by Iranian artists.

The Iranians were able to create this ancient art with the most beautiful geometric shapes and by applying mathematical science.

Prior to this, moaragh tiles were more common, but Iranian artists used moaragh

Smaller and finer surfaces were also used.

Oriental art owes much to Iranian moaragh master.


In most cities of Iran, especially in Isfahan, Tabriz, Yazd, Kashan and ..




Examples of wood inlaid  work and moaragh tiles can be seen in the construction of historical buildings.

Wood moaragh  is often used on wood backgrounds using teleportation and a combination of colorful woods.

Wood mosaic is still used in handicrafts and arts in many Iranian cities such as Isfahan.