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What is woodcarving (Monabat)?

In answer to the question of what is woodcarving, we can say that woodcarving is one of the arts.

It is an Iranian hand that is placed in the industrial sector.

Carving is a type of carving and engraving on wood in order to beautify the wood.


Carving is someone who can use his creativity and artist hands to make designs Created a highlight on the wood.


Prominence is an important element in woodcarving that is well visible.

The protrusions of the objects in the woodcarving also appear to be prominent and protruding from the wood

will receive.

This original Iranian art has always been considered from the past to the present and in volumetric and decorative works

Abundance has been used.


Wood is the main inlay material

Obviously the main raw material of woodcarving is wood, which can be a range of

Include hardwoods.

Mainly from wood trees:



Boxwood tree

And pears

Used in woodcarving with

Depending on the design, the right wood should be selected.




History of woodcarving.

All Iranian handicrafts come from within the heart of  people.

In fact, no person or persons played a role in inventing this eye-catching art, but ordinary people began to carve and carve on wood.

Undoubtedly, wood is one of the most abundant materials in human history that has always existed in nature.

According to the available works and documents, it can be concluded that woodcarving has been used in Iran for about 1500 years.

Some historians and archaeologists attribute the woodcarving to before the Sassanid kingdom

Which can indicate the antiquity of this art in Iran.




What is the difference between woodcarving and wood inlaid  work?

Both of these fine arts use sharp and winning tools and show beautiful and original designs.

But there is a subtle point in the woodcarved  that is not seen in the wood inlaid  and features in the woodinlaid.

It can be seen that there is no work in woodcarving,  and this is in the type of using tools, doing and implementing work.


Moaragh  has a meaning with different cuts of wood and Monabat  comes to life with volume and giving volume to wood.

In woodcarving, any style used leads to volume.