Mosaic glass (Moaragh)

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Mosaic glass (Moaragh)

Fusion of glass is one of the fields of glass, which is also called glass fuse or glass mosaic. This branch of art is formed by the welding of several types of glass together by the heat of this material.

In this way, we cut the glass into small dimensions, then we paint it and put it in the oven to get the final product.

Glass mosaic is one of the most widely used works of art and is used in various fields such as jewelry, tableware, decoration and decorative objects.

Now these products are produced in two ways. One method is to slip the glass on the surface of the mold and the other method is to use the negative molding technique.


The production of works of art using glass has been common since ancient times and is 4,000 years old.

Glass beads were first found in Susa and the Choghaznabil temple.

In ancient history, glass beads were used as a commodity for trade, indicating that this material has been valuable to the people in the past.