Namad mali

What is felting or Namad mali:

Namad is a traditional type of underlay that is made of wool and literally means a thick fabric that is rubbed from wool. The art or industry of Namad mali  is one of the oldest handicrafts in Iran.

Namad  is the simplest type of flooring and its construction does not require any special device.

In felting (Namad mali), the natural property of wool is used, which is the entanglement of its fibers due to moisture and pressure.

Mat weaving

What is mat weaving?

Mat weaving means weaving fibers from plant fibers (cellulose) with the help of hands and simple hand tools, during which various products such as underlays, wicker tablecloths, baskets, containers, etc. are produced.

Weaving is also included in the mat weaving subset, with the difference that in the weaving process, in addition to vegetable fibers, dyed wool yarn is also used to create traditional patterns and designs.


Mat weaving is one of the handicrafts and fine arts that has been common since ancient times in different countries of the world, including Africa, Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Iran.

Basket weaving

Doll Making