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What is pottery?

Pottery is the making of utensils with clay, made in this way is called pottery. The most famous pottery is the pottery jar and cup.

Before the advent of glass, pottery was the most common human item. The best soil in the pottery industry is clay, which is red due to the high amount of iron in it.

Pottery is one of the first human industries. Although its origin is not clear, it is known from the ancient findings of the ancient land of Sumer, and of course, the recent discovery of Jiroft civilization has raised doubts about this theory.


The famous Sandal civilization, which according to the latest excavations dates back to six thousand years ago, and the tablet discovered in Jiroft was sent to the United States and France for study, which was deciphered by professors Chicago and Paris, and the results showed that this region is 300 years old. The script of the Susa civilization is older.


Pottery is perhaps one of the oldest man-made objects.

Early humans created pottery in a variety of forms from the time they began to think about storing water and food, and realized the stickiness and formation of clay.


With the passage of time and the expansion of life, pottery also evolved. Creative humans painted on flower pots with their own hands and decorated them with various colors.

Currently, pottery is produced in parts of Iran, including:

Mand Gonabad, Lalejin, Meybod Yazd, Kashan, Shahreza of Isfahan, Zanuz of Azerbaijan, pottery of Azerbaijan, Kalpurgan of Sistan and Baluchestan, Joibar of Mazandaran and Siahkal of Gilan.


The production of pottery and ceramic tools and products in each of the mentioned places is provided with a slight difference in the type of raw materials, colors and designs, and for this reason, the products of each area are well distinguishable from the products of other places.


In Iran, pottery dates back more than 10,000  ears.

The oldest pottery wheel and pottery kiln in the world has been found in Susa. It is also the oldest painted pottery related to Iran.

In this place (Kashan Silk), red pottery has also been found, which in terms of industry seems to be somewhat more complete than the previous vessels, and it turns out that they were made in elementary kilns.

In the fourth millennium BC, the people of the plains of the Iranian plateau made more progress in life. In the village of Silk there is a diagram of it, the inhabitants of this place made delicate pottery and painted the image of birds and wild animals on them in black, and gradually these utensils became clearer and more regular, hence it can be guessed that people That area had invented the wheel to do this.









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