Precious stones

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Precious stones

Precious stones and minerals have long been of special importance among the various ethnic groups of human society. The beauty of these minerals was so important that the ancient people believed in supernatural powers such as the secret of eternal youth, healing spells, fortune.


Today, although these beliefs are rejected, it must be admitted that the industry of extraction and processing of precious stones and jewelry has healed the economy of many countries and has a significant share of world trade.


Turquoise: The name of this stone is derived from the French word Turquoise meaning Turkish stone. The smoother and larger the turquoise, the more valuable it is.

The color of this stone also changes from blue-green to pale yellow. Turquoise is found in Arizona, New Mexico, USA, Australia, Afghanistan and Iran (Neishabour and Damghan);

Neishabour Ajami and Shajari turquoise is very famous not only in the country but also in the world due to its excellent quality;

Ajami turquoise is round and large and its pure color (dark and solid blue) is used as the most expensive type of turquoise to make a ring.


Striped turquoise is also called Shajari; This type of turquoise consists of a community of several turquoise grains inside the stone.

Agate: Agate or agate (a type of quartz) is another semi-precious stone; Ordinary agate or agate is made of regular chalcedony layers, with most amethyst crystals in the center.

The chemical composition of agate is silica, but sometimes elements such as Al, Fe, Mg, Ca, Ni, Cr are also placed next to it.

agate is characterized by its fineness and light color. Agate is translucent, opaque and has a glassy luster.

Agate is white to dark gray and black, yellow to red, light green and blue, and is popular among second-rate gemstones. The best are red, yellow and white.