What is needlework?

Needlework is one of the Iranian handicrafts and arts that is popular in some parts of the country. In this art, inspired by their dreams and creativity, women and girls perform different methods of needlework on linen, embroidered, silk, wool and cotton fabrics, in which they are made of silk, wool, golabton, and sermeh yarns. Tapestry, sermeh and synthetic fibers are used.

Women and girls embroider on the surface of simple fabrics, draw designs with colored threads, which is done with the help of needles and hooks and sew delicate stitches on the fabric.


What is Pateh?

Pateh embroidery is a genuine Iranian art whose other letters are embroidery and string embroidery. The base fabric is a thick, woolen fabric called a Ariz.


What is the art of embroidering and how is it done?

Pateh-embroidered artists, usually housewives and girls, sew needles with a needle, which is a combination of their own personal ideas and insights, with colored cotton stitches on a thick or wide woolen cloth background.

Zar duzi

Embroidery (or glabtundosis), sewing gold and silver threads on fabric.


Yellow embroidery, which is known as Kam duzi, embroidery,  and bow embroidery in different parts of Iran, in the past its production was common in most parts of Iran, but now Hormozgan province and especially Bandar Lengeh, Bandar Abbas and Minab are the main production centers It counts.


Iranian Zari duzi can be divided into three categories:

A species that covers the basic background of the fabric throughout the stitches to create a new background of color and pattern, such as Baluch needlework and Rasht crochet and Kerman embroidery.


A species that is not sewn much on the fabric, but by passing colored threads from side to side of the fabric and sewing these fibers to each other, the simple fabric takes on a lattice and colored state, such as Isfahan coin embroidery and crochet.

Malile Duzi

What is Malile Duzi ?

Malile duzi   refers to sewed fabric  made of gold wire, silver and various alloys that have become springy and are used to decorate the surface of the fabric.


What is a Malile duzi embroidery?

Malile  is a type of decorative sewing that dates back to 2500 to 3000 years ago and in fact Malile embroidery or  is a type of metal tapestry sewing on exquisite fabrics such as cashmere.


Tapestry: twisted and complex strands of gold and wire

Silver or gold thread with an empty tube in the middle, with which it is embroidered on the tapestry fabric.