What is the art of Tazhib?

Illuminated manuscript  is an Arabic word. This word is derived from the root of gold, which means gold and Zar, and it means to  Zarnegar, Zarandod, , Zarkari, and gild. The art of Tazhib  is the art of decorating and beautifying the pages of a book.

In this art, using beautiful and colorful patterns and designs, Islamic, Khatai (Khatai   may have been taken from the line or attributed to the city of Khotan) it arises, and its rhythmic rotation is called a clause.

If we want to have a brief definition of Tazhib, we should say that the design, painting, gilding, polishing and delicate engravings of various designs with “Islamic and Khatai” floral designs, geometric “types of knots” and sometimes the use of human and animal motifs to decorate different levels of gilding say.

The role of Flower-Bird(Gol Morgh)

The role of Flower-Bird(Gol Morgh) in Iranian painting:

The role of flower-bird, GolMorgh  is the most familiar style in Iranian painting that we all know and as its name implies, it is composed of two prominent elements of flowers and birds. Flowers and birds are a symbol of divine grace and the delicate manifestation of the Creator.

Flower and bird painting is a term used to describe a type of ancient Iranian painting that had the theme of flowers, leaves, birds such as nightingales and sometimes butterflies.

In this design, the flower and the birds are like a lover and a beloved  in a romantic debate, here the bird is a lover and the flower is a beloved.


What is a miniature?

Miniature or  Persian  painting means the original Iranian painting that many years ago Iranians from Eastern countries learned the art of painting and they also adapted the art of painting from Iranians.

At a certain point in history, drawing any painting that contained unrealistic elements was an insult to creation.

Thus, the Iranians, with the help of their imagination and inspiration from nature, began to create paintings called painting.


Due to the involvement of imagination in these works of art, exaggeration  are often observed in it.



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